Install Ubuntu 10.10

Recently, my old Ubuntu could not access Wireless Network of campus.  That’s why I have to install latest version of Ubuntu 10.10. In this follows, I will record some major steps taken in the last a few days.

  1. Backup all documents, those are ~/Documents; ~/.emacs.d; ~/.emacs.el; ~/.bashrc.
  2. Download and make a CD for installation.
  3. Insert CD, run trial version before installation. This makes sure Internet is accessible during installation.
  4. Disk partition: After insert CD, the first major step is partition. My choice is: sda1(ntfs) 1.3G; sda2(ntfs) 83G; sda5(ext4) 55G for root; sda6 (Linux swap) 10G; sda4(ntfs) 10G.
  5. After complete installation, I use Synaptic Package Manager to install some softwares: Emacs, Konsole, Xournal, Octave, Tex live (including font and pictures), and TeTex, Auctex, xpdf, gimp.
  6. Copy back all backup without ~/.bashrc
  7. Install Chinese input (scim, scim-pinyin), After installation,  1) press Alt-F2 enter scim -d 2) System->Preferences->keyboard input methods 3)System->Administration->Language support, so that set the correct configuration and reboot.
  8. The last thing, most important and exciting thing with X200 Tablet, is that setup Magick Rotation for screen rotation.


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