Install Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”

It is similar to installing Ubuntu 10.4. It seems that, there is always something to manually configure after each update.

  1. Backup all documents, those are ~/Documents; ~/.emacs.d; ~/.emacs.el; ~/.bashrc.
  2. Download and make a CD for installation. Insert CD, run trial version before installation. This makes sure Internet is accessible during installation.
  3. Disk partition: After insert CD, the first major step is partition. My choice is: sda1(ntfs) 1.3G; sda2(ntfs) 83G; sda5(ext4) 55G for root; sda6 (Linux swap) 10G; sda4(ntfs) 10G.
  4. After complete installation, I use Ubuntu Software Center to install some softwares: Emacs, Konsole, Xournal, Octave, Tex live (full version) with add ons (gs, gv, xpdf);  Auctex, xpdf, gimp, acroread with additional add-ons.
  5. Copy back ~/Document, ~/.emacs.el, ~/.emacs.d/my-abb.el
  6. Install cell writer and Magick-rotation, but does not work.
  7. I also installed: skype, Chromium

After all above, I tried Emacs with latex. Forward/Inverse search does not work automatically. To invoke this function,

  1. Turn on Tex-mode in Emacs
  2. Find menu, latex->customize Auctex->Browse options->Tex command->Tex view group->Tex source correlated method, then change “value menu” to “source-special”.

Also find xpdf does not work in this version.

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